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Subdivision Plat Submittal and Approval Process

Plat applications may require two approvals - a preliminary and a final. Also, Planning Commission may defer action on applications to the next 14 day cycle.

PATSA 12.15.20 Draft Archive
00690 Acceptance Of Street And Storm Sewer Elements Project
Informational Letter 0005-2004

Clarification on original sign graphics.

Cosmetic Wash Water Guidelines

Best management practices for cosmetic wash water.

Last update: 4/30/2008

Informational Letter 0012-2007

Revision of Chapter 46 Section 4619(c)

2021-2022 Webinar QA
Informational Letter 0007-2004

Footing/Foundation Certification Program

Paycom Learning - Supplemental Slide

Paycom Learning - Supplemental Slide

Human Trafficking Indicator Signage and Display for Hotels (HT-001)

This policy establishes and builds upon the requirement in Sec. 28-213 regarding signage and display of human trafficking indicators, the Houston Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit contact information, and the National Human Trafficking Hotline contact information.


Last updated: 06/03/2020