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Wastewater Capacity Reservation Site Transfer Application (UA004)

Transfer capacity to another site within the same treatment plant. (form UA004)

Last updated: 07.20.2019. This document is maintained by the Utility Analysis.

Neighborhood Parade Notification Sheet
Brownfields Redevelopment Program Application

This document is maintained by the Utility Analysis & Planning Branch.

Impact Fee Exemption Form (UA006)

Exemption form for low and moderate cost single-family housing.
Effective November 01, 2022.
This document is maintained by Utility Analysis.

Special Event Requisite Sheet

APPLICATION – must be completed, signed, and returned with fee(s) in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or cash (exact cash amount only please). Please submit three months to one year in advance of event date.

Shopping Center Approval Denial Letter Application (UA009)

For shopping center with excess capacity.

Last updated: 10.25.2019. This document is maintained by Utility Analysis.

Sanitary Sewer Tap Application

Application for a sanitary sewer tap permit.

Special Event Application

Application for special event through the Mayor's Office.

Large Job Application - Non-Billable

Application for water lines or fire hydrants. 

Last updated: 06/13/2022

Transient Meter Forms for CIP Projects

Application forms for transient meters on capital projects only (CIP projects).