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Ambulance Driver's Permit Application

Please contact us at the information below.
Phone: 832.393.5603 and can also Email: [email protected].

TxDOT Permit Application Form
Correctional Facility and Alternate Housing Facility Permit Application

Application and instructions for a correctional facility permit and an alternate housing facility permit.

Homeowner Mechanical/HVAC Building Permit Application (CE-1352)

Homeowner Mechanical/HVAC Building Permit Application.

Last Updated: 01-01-2021

Public Hearing - Replat With Notification

Last Updated: June 2015 

Sponsor Change Form

Sponsor change form for small water meters between 5/8-inch and 2-inches in size.

Transient Meter Application Procedures

Application procedures for renting a transient meter.

Last updated: 02/23/2022.

Monitoring Well Permit Application

Application for monitoring well or boring permit.

Last updated: February 2, 2022

Burglar Alarm Permit Application

Application for residential and non residential burglar alarm and panic alarm permits.


On-Premise Sign Permit Application
  • Application completed & submitted by licensed sign contractor to secure permit(s) to install sign(s).