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Waiver Request for Temporary Placement of Manufacture Home Due to Harvey Damage (CE1321)

Request form for the temporary placement of a manufactured home or recreational vehicle on a residential property due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Last updated: 2/14/2018

Application for Participation in the Multi-Discipline Inspection Program (CE1255)

Application for voluntary participation in the MDI program

Last updated: 10/22/2019

Application for Reconnect Permit for Manufactured Home or Recreational Vehicle (CE1188)

Application for reconnect permit for a manufactured home or recreational vehicle.

Last updated: 01-01-2022

COMcheck Public Workshop Presentation Slides

Presentation slides from the 2015 IECC COMcheck public workshop on September 16, 2020.

Application for Placement Permit of a Manufactured Home (CE1230)

Permit to place a manufactured home in a park.

Last updated: 01-01-2022

House Moving Permit Application (CE1185)

Application for a house moving permit.

Last updated: 01/01/2022

Reduced Occupant Load Request for TEA Registered Educational Occupancies (CE1131)

The form is used to calculate an actual occupant load in educational spaces governed by the Texas Educational Agency (TEA) rules that limit maximum class size to approximately 2/3rds of that specified by the IBC occupant load factor identified in Table 1004.1.2 for educational spaces.

Updated 01-01-2022

Application for Dangerous Building Compliance Inspection (CE1262)

Application must be completed when a building has been declared a dangerous building and required to be repaired by a Hearing Order. 

Updated on 01-01-2022

Sponsor Change Form

Sponsor change form for small water meters between 5/8-inch and 2-inches in size.

Solicitud para la ocupacion, inspeccion de acatamiento (CE1045s)

Solicitud para la ocupacion, inspeccion de acatamiento (occupancy application in Spanish)

Last updated: 01-01-2021