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02754-01B to 02754-02

02754-01B Driveway Detail with 6” Curbed Streets

02754-02 Driveways with Culverts or Valley Gutters on Open Ditch Type Streets

02741-01 to 04

02741-01 Hot-Mix Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Details 

02741-04 Public Use Alley

02754-03 to 02754-04

02754-03 Proposed Sidewalk Through Driveway with Excessive Elevation Difference 

02754-04 Existing/Proposed Curb Level Sidewalk Conditions

02751-01 to 02752-01

02751-01 Concrete Pavement Details

02752-01 Pavement Expansion and Construction Joint Details

31-02 Space Requirements for Off Street Parking

31-02 Space Requirements for Off Street Parking

Sidewalk Driveway Permit Application (CE1023)

This is a permit application for a Sidewalk, Driveway, Curb and Gutter, and Culvert Parking lot within the city limits of Houston, Texas.

Last updated: 10/13/2020