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How to View and Respond to OCE Comments

This guide shows users how to view and respond to plan review comments in ProjectDox for projects submitted to the Office of the City Engineer.

Last updated: 08/17/2022 

02754-01B to 02754-02

02754-01B Driveway Detail with 6” Curbed Streets

02754-02 Driveways with Culverts or Valley Gutters on Open Ditch Type Streets

02741-01 to 04

02741-01 Hot-Mix Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Details 

02741-04 Public Use Alley

02754-03 to 02754-04

02754-03 Proposed Sidewalk Through Driveway with Excessive Elevation Difference 

02754-04 Existing/Proposed Curb Level Sidewalk Conditions

02751-01 to 02752-01

02751-01 Concrete Pavement Details

02752-01 Pavement Expansion and Construction Joint Details

31-02 Space Requirements for Off Street Parking

31-02 Space Requirements for Off Street Parking