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Commercial Reroofing Only Worksheet (CE1076)

For reroof only commercial projects. 

Last updated: 10-02-2019

Commercial Prerequisite Checklist (CE1105)

Complete and attach this form to each plan set. Commercial plans must be submitted with this form in order for your plans to be considered as complete for the purpose of plan review.

Updated: 10/06/2020

Commercial Minor Repair Spec List (CE1112)

This form is to be completed by the applicant to obtain a minor repair permit for work that does not require a plan review provided the materials match or are equivalent to the materials being repaired or replaced.

Updated: 10/15/2019

Deferred Submittal Request Form (CE1086)

Request for deferred plan submittal.

Last updated: 10-01-2020

Care Facilities Worksheet (CE1108)

To assist in correctly identifying the intended occupancy Group of care facilities, the facility owner shall provide a completed, sign and notarized worksheet with all applications submitted for building permit, plan review, or occupancy inspection.

Updated: 10/10/2019

Electronic Lock Plan Submittal Checklist (CE1337)

Checklist of plan review requirements for electronic locks.

Last updated: 11/18/2019

Temporary Building Guideline (CE1093)

Permit guide for temporary buildings (< 180 days)

Updated 10/22/2020

COMcheck Public Workshop Presentation Slides

Presentation slides from the 2015 IECC COMcheck public workshop on September 16, 2020.

COMcheck Guidelines (CE-1375)

Guideline for completing the COMcheck form. This form is a pre-requisite for commercial plan reviews.


Last updated: Feb. 23, 2021