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Metal Recycler's License Application

Metal Recycler's License Application.

Secondhand Reseller's License Application

Secondhand Reseller's License Application.

Credit Access Business Application

Credit Access Business Application.

Sexually Oriented Business Renewal Application

Sexually Oriented Business Renewal Application.

Ambulance Service Permit Application Process

Please contact us at the information below.
Phone: 832.393.5603 and can also Email: [email protected].

Antique Dealer Permit Application

Permit application for antique dealers, precious metal dealers, and resale media/clothing dealers.

Coin Operated Machine Registration

Coin Operated Machine Registration.

Common Market Application

Common Market Application.

Monitoring Well Permit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about monitoring well and boring permits.

Last updated: 1/29/2020

Monitoring Well Permit Application

Application for monitoring well or boring permit.

Last updated: Mar. 6, 2023