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Subdivision Plat Submittal and Approval Process

Plat applications may require two approvals - a preliminary and a final. Also, Planning Commission may defer action on applications to the next 14 day cycle.

Geospatial Data Deliverables Properties Guide

July 6,2022

Informational Letter 0004-2004

Clarification on canopies.

Approved Street and Bridge Product List

Posted on May 6, 2021.

Community Rating System - FEMA Fact Sheet

FEMA Fact Sheet - Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration

Community Rating System


Last updated: 06/18/2020

Informational Letter 0020-2010

Clarification on inflatable holiday devices and seasonal holiday displays

Code Change Proposal Example 1

Example of a completed code change proposal form.

PPI 2021

Public information plan for the Community Rating System.


Last updated: 1.21.2021

Supplemental Slide for ECPAT Training

Supplemental slide for ECPAT-USA training module


Last updated: 10/9/2020

Informational Letter 0019-2009

Attention getting devices