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Waiver Request for Temporary Placement of Manufacture Home Due to Harvey Damage (CE1321)

Request form for the temporary placement of a manufactured home or recreational vehicle on a residential property due to damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Last updated: 2/14/2018

Substantial Damage Estimate Request Form

Application form to request a substantial damage estimate of a property.

Police Private Storage Lot Agreement

Police private storage lot agreement

Newsrack Locations Template

Template for listing newsrack locations.

Charitable Solicitation Class B Application

Application for certificate of registration for Class B solicitation of funds for charitable purposes.

Special Event Valet Parking Application

Application form for any residence wishing to use the public streets for valet pick-up/drop-off of vehicles for special events located outside the Central Business District.

Sound Amplifying Equipment Annual Permit Application

Application for sound amplifying equipment annual permit.

Valet Parking Service Permit Application

Permit application for business owner(s) of a valet parking service. 

Neighborhood Parade Notification Sheet
Adult Arcade and Mini-Theatre

Permit application to operate an adult arcade or adult mini-theatre.