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Dumpster Affidavit - English
Dumpster Affidavit - Spanish
Combustible Waste Storage Permit Application

Dumpster permit application

Combustible Waste Storage Permit Application - Spanish

Dumpster permit application in Spanish.

Fire Code Ordinance 2007-777

City of Houston, Texas, Ordinance Number 2007-777. An ordinance amending the City of Houston Fire Code relating to administrative fees. 

Traffic Control Application

Houston Police Department - Traffic Control Application.

Heavy Duty PATSA Contract Form

Police-authorized heavy duty and recovery tow service agreement

Police Private Storage Lot Agreement

Police private storage lot agreement

PATSA Contract

Police-authorized tow service agreement

Clearance Letter and Application Instructions - English

To request a City of Houston Police Clearance Letter for immigration, international travel or adoption purposes, please follow the process outlined in this document. 

Last updated: 01/02/2020