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18-07 Interior Wood Partition
17-11-R Mobile Home Deck
09c01 Commercial Steel Guardrail
19-3-R Anchoring of Masonry Veneer to Existing Exterior Walls
20-02-R Residential Non-Fire Rated Wall Section Template (Two Story - Siding)

The template drawing is to assist in the preparation of plans for residential remodeling and addition projects

Request Form to Close APA (CE1273)

Request form to close an advance pay account (APA) may only be submitted by an authorized user.

Last updated: 12/16/2021

Advance Pay Account Request Form (CE1052)

Application form to request an advance pay account (APA).

Last updated: March 19, 2020

14-05-R Housing Anchoring Details
Code Word 2012-B49 Definitions Related to Administrative Processes

Definition terms related to existing building alterations that are used for administrative processes associated with plan review and permitting. 

08R03-2 Patio Cover (Attached)