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The Office of the City Engineer (OCE) implements and administers the provisions in the City's Code of Ordinances, and state and federal regulations relating to floodplain management, street cuts, and stormwater quality.  The OCE plan review administration team is responsible to review for water lines, fire hydrants, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, telecom, public ROW dedication, sidewalk, and access road located outside of Public ROW access roads located outside of Public ROW, ensuring compliance with the Houston Public Works IDM, COH Code of Ordinances chapter - 42, and COH standard practices. This involves standardizing the process, enhancing customer communication, addressing issues promptly, and maintaining accurate documentation. The goal is to improve efficiency, compliance, customer satisfaction, issue resolution, and record-keeping in the plan’s submission and review process.  


1002 Washington Ave, 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002



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