The Inspection and Permits section reviews and approves street cut or excavation permits, and enforces the Street Cut Ordinance which regulates how excavations are made and construction is performed in the City’s Right of Way. We also oversee enforcement of the permits for private construction of utilities within City’s Right of Way. This section also oversees that the integrity of the streets is maintained and the restoration is performed in compliance with the Street Cut Ordinance.

This section also administers the advertisement and award of Construction contracts for the Developer Participation (70/30) Program. In addition, the Section also provides support in inspecting Development Participation Program Contracts, utility projects inside the MUD Districts and the Joint Referral Committee issues.

Additionally, the section review and approves permits for pipelines, monitoring wells and soil borings, oversize loads, and encroachments


1002 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor
Houston, TX 77002

832.394.9122 (Encroachments)
832.394.9490 (Pipelines and Monitoring Wells)
8 am to 4:30 pm