Tree Removal/Tree Trimming Permit

Instrument Reference Number
Areas of Interest
Valid Period
1 year
Not Required
Plan Review
Processing Time
10 business days

A permit is required to remove any tree on city property (which include trees planted on rights of way, medians, parks and other city property) or on a setback.

If you witness the removal of trees from street easements, please immediately call the Urban Park Rangers dispatch at 832-395-7100 so the department can check for permits and avoid unnecessary street tree loss. This phone line is answered 24 hours a day.

After Approval

Permit must be kept on premises and publicly posted 20 days before tree removal or trimming.

Conditions and Exceptions

Fees vary depending upon the size and location of tree.

The requirements for commercial properties and parking lots are more specific in regards to trees and shrubs, and the ordinance is available for clarification.

Apply What you need

File a written notice of intent to remove the protected tree(s) to [email protected].

Plan Review What you need

A landscape plan for the building site

  • depicted on either the development plans or parking lot site plan,
  • showing the locations of existing and proposed utility lines (both above and below ground), roadways, sidewalks, street lights, trees, shrubs, understory, natural features, other landscape elements, and planting or construction details
  • preservation method (only applicable for requested credit)
  • plant schedule which includes quantities, minimum size at time of planting, and botanical and common names keyed to the plan.
Plan Review Submit Online Steps

Upload all required documents.

Plan Review Conditions & Exceptions

To request a plan review, email [email protected].

Inspection What you need

Upon plan review approval, a permit is issued and construction may begin. A site inspection is required to verify compliance with the landscape plan.

Inspection Conditions & Exceptions

To request an inspection, email: [email protected]

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