Wrecker Driver Trainee

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
90 days
Not Required
Not Required
Plan Review
Not Required
Renewal fee
Processing Time
1 hour

The purpose of this license is for a company to observe if an individual has the skill set to be a wrecker driver before being hired.

A Wrecker Driver is any person who drives an auto wrecker and performs non-consent tows at the request or authorization of a police officer or property owner or their designee.

Apply What you need
  • Wrecker License Application
  • Criminal background check - The background check is conducted at an IdentoGo site. 
  • Current Texas Driver’s License
  • Method of payment: business check, cashier's check, and money order. Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted in person only.
Apply in Person Steps
  1. Call the Auto Dealers Detail at 832.394.4800 within 48 to 72 hours after completing the background check to ensure the criminal history has been obtained.
  2. Bring the completed application, supporting documents and payment to the Houston Permitting Center. 
  3. Obtain a numbered ticket from the Information Desk and make your way to the basement.
  4. Scan your ticket at the reception desk to activate your place in line. Please wait in the lobby until your number is called.
  5. Pay the license fee at the Cashier's station located on the first floor, and bring the receipt back down to Auto Dealers station in the basement.
  6. The City of Houston Automotive Board reviews the application for each new business including consideration of the findings of a criminal background check. Notice of an Automotive Board public hearing on the business application is published.
  7. Approval or denial is decided by the Board at the hearing.
    • If denied, applicant will be notified by letter.
    • If approved, license will be processed and may be obtained in person at the hearing or mailed to address on file.

Source URL: https://www.houstonpermittingcenter.org/hpdadd1023