Brownfields Redevelopment Assistance

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
Not Required
Plan Review
Processing Time
3 to 6 months

Brownfields Assessment Grants: Petroleum, Hazardous

After Approval

Grant funds are delegated to conduct Phase I, Phase II site assessments

Conditions and Exceptions

Eligibility for participation is made on a case by case basis. Property must be located within the City of Houston or ETJ.

Prohibited properties include Superfund sites, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permitted or Interim-Statues Facilities, and properties involved in or targeted for any federal or state enforcement action.

Plan Review required: Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports

Apply What you need

Applicants must have legal title to the property, or written authorization from title holder to apply. Applicants will be ask to sign a property access agreement.

Apply in Person Steps

Submit application to Mark Wooten, Jr.:
1002 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor,
Houston, TX 77002

Apply by Mail Steps

Mail application to:
Brownfield Redevelopment Program
Attn: Mark Wooten, Jr.
PO Box 2688
Houston,  TX  77262-2688

Inspection What you need

Site investigation is completed.

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