Multi-Family Habitability Programmatic Inspection

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
4 years
Plan Review
$128.66 first 25 units + $5.13 per unit thereafter
Admin fee
Plan review fee
Processing Time
30 days from date of invoice

All apartment communities with 3 or more units are required to register with the City of Houston for Habitability Inspection purposes. The purpose of the inspection is to establish minimum habitability standards for multi-family rental buildings, including maintenance of proper operating conditions.

After Approval

After project is finaled, no further action is necessary.

Conditions and Exceptions

If violations are found, repairs will be required, usually immediately. Permits and/or plan review may be required.

Projects will not be finaled until all work has been completed and approved, and all fees have been paid. If no violations are found, projects will be finaled.

Apply What you need

This inspection is initiated by the City. No action is required by the owner.

Plan Review What you need

If violations are found, a plan review will be required.

For more information on plan review, please review the qualifications for One-Stop Commercial or the Commercial Prerequisite Checklist.

Inspection What you need

Items on the Multi-Family Habitability Checklist will be reviewed by the inspector.

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

To schedule a re-inspection for items which do not require a permit, please call 832-394-8841. 

Renew What you need

The renewal is initiated by the City. No action is required by the owner.

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