Bus shelter permit

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
1 year
Not Required
Plan Review
minimum $103.00 and varies higher
Processing Time
1 business day

For the construction and maintenance of bus pad and landing in the right of way for users of public transportation.

After Approval

Permit must be kept on premises in public view during construction. After completion, permit must be kept on file by the owner.

Scheduled inspections are conducted.

Conditions and Exceptions

Inspection is required after permit is issued

Apply What you need
  • Approved Plans 
  • Paving Application
  • Bond
  • Sidewalk/Lane Closure Permit
Apply in Person Steps

Bring the approved plans, bond, and paving application to:
1002 Washington Avenue, 2nd floor 
Houston, TX 77002

Pull ticket at the first floor kiosk and proceed to the 2nd floor reception desk. 

Plan Review What you need

Two sets of full-sized, signed and sealed drawings from a licensed engineer

Plan Review Submit in Person Steps

Submit plans through the City Engineer's plan intake window on the 2nd floor. Customer will be notified when plans are ready for pick up. 

Plan Review Submit Online Steps

Submit plans through ProjectDox. 

Plan Review Conditions & Exceptions

Bus shelters must have an ADA acceptable sidewalk to bypass shelter. 

Inspection What you need

Once construction is completed, client will notify Construction Services Section for inspection.

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

Contact the assigned inspector provided on the receipt or permit to schedule an inspection.

Source URL: https://www.houstonpermittingcenter.org/hpwoce1019