Critical facility remodel/repair/conversion

Instrument Reference Number
Valid Period
5 years
Not Required
Plan Review
Admin fee
Plan review fee
$385.98 (non-substantial, minimum); $2,103.59 (substantial, minimum); see Conditions and Exceptions for more information
Processing Time
1-3 business days

Critical facility remodel, repair, and/or conversion include the interior alterations of a critical facility. Improvements to be made are wholly contained within the footprint of an existing structure. This does NOT include footprint addition to the building. To be considered non-substantial, the total cost of the remodel, repair and/or conversion must be less than 50% of the structure's appraised value .

After Approval

Applicant must pay for permit prior to construction. Permit must be kept on premises in public view, facing the right of way. Pre-construction and final inspections are conducted.

Conditions and Exceptions

1. Floodplain development permit is not complete until signed,

2. Violations of the permit will be subject to citations as provided per Chapter 19 of the Code of Ordinances.

3. Fees may vary depending on acreage size and if the parcel is located in a conveyance zone or the floodway.


Development permit fees may vary depending on acreage size and if the parcel is located in a conveyance zone or the floodway. See the City Fee Schedule and search for "flood plain" for more details.

Plan Review What you need

1. Building permit application 2. Either of the following: *Signed, sealed, itemized cost estimate provided by a professional engineer or architect -OR- signed, sealed, itemized cost estimate notarized by home owner and contractor -WITH- HCAD summary -OR- appraisal signed by a licensed real estate appraiser, *Elevation certificate demonstrating that the structure is compliant by elevation per Chapter 19 ordinance.

Plan Review Submit in Person Steps

Two copies of plans/documentation can either be walked thru, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm OR submitted at the permit counter

Plan Review Submit Online Steps

Applicant can use Project Dox to submit online 1. Upload all required documents and drawings 2. Mark complete the assigned task.

Plan Review Conditions & Exceptions

Pre-development meeting with Floodplain plan reviewer if scope of work is located in the floodway

Inspection What you need

1. Pre-Construction Inspection: a. A copy of the approved plans and permit onsite. 2. Final Floodplain Inspection: a. A copy of the approved plans onsite.

Inspection Schedule by Phone Steps

In Person: (832) 394-885 Automated: (713) 222-9922

Inspection Schedule Online Steps

Enter the appropriate project number and click the Submit button.

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