Fire Drill Scheduled for Houston Permitting Center

As recommended by policy, City buildings must hold fire drills twice a year. The Houston Permitting Center (HPC) will be conducting their semi annual scheduled fire drill on February 4, 2019 anytime from 9-10.  All customers and employees must evacuate the building during the drill and head to the nearest staging area. Do not use the elevators or central stairwell as a means of exiting the building.  

  • Staging Area A: From the Northwest Exit, turn left and proceed to the rear of HPC Parking Lot 1
  • Staging Area B: From the Northeast Exit (left of the Security Desk) or North Stairwell, proceed across HPC Parking Lot 1 to the wall of the I-10 HOV lane
  • Staging Area C: From the Southeast Exit (right of the Security Desk) or the Southeast Stairwell, go down the sidewalk towards Parking Lot W and stop at the picnic garden
  • Staging Area D: From the South Exit, turn right and proceed down the sidewalk to HPC Parking Lot 3

Map of Exit Points (click to enlarge):

HPC exit points map image

Those with limited mobility should proceed to the closest exit, take a seat in the nearby chairs and await the Fire Warden's instructions.

Map of Staging Areas (click to enlarge):

Map of Staging Area Image

For questions, please contact us at 832.394.9000 or via email [email protected].


Posted Date: 
May 14, 2018

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