ProjectDox Upgrade Coming Soon

In early 2023, the Houston Permitting Center will be upgrading ProjectDox to version 9.2. The new version will have an updated look and improved applicant experience. New features include:

  • “Learn how” Instructional Videos are conveniently located throughout the plan review process providing additional guidance for self-service applicants
  • New Project Files Tab is designed for easy folder navigation and quick access to all files within a folder. The new Files list grid provides quick search and filtering of specific files, including fast File Info and History navigation of easy-to-view large thumbnail images and details of each file.
Example project Files tab
  •  Step-by-Step Task Instructions for applicants on performing file uploads, resubmissions, and downloading approved plans
Screenshot of new task screen with step-by-step instructions
  • Color Coded File Names upon upload communicate to the applicant the state of each file (new file, new version, or duplicate file) visually and easily. Uploading files now display distinct colors, making it easy to understand the upload process.
  • Centralized Reviewer Comments/Corrections are located, listed, and accessed in one simple Reviews Tab location and can optionally be made viewable to the applicant throughout the plan review process.
Example screen of new Review Comments button
  • Export to Excel provides applicants with a button to export their entire review comments list to an Excel spreadsheet to be shared with project team members. The list can also be auto separated into individual trade specific Excel files. The specially designed Excel spreadsheet includes all review comment information as well as a quick hyperlink to each marked up PDF file. This allows the design team members access to the file markups without needing an account or logging into ProjectDox. Applicant responses typed into the Excel spreadsheet can be easily imported back into ProjectDox via their resubmit task. This saves applicants time not having to retype responses from their design partners.
  • With File Version Auto-Naming you now have the option to select a versioned file named differently than the original file and ProjectDox will auto-name it correctly. 
Example screen of uploading versioned files into ProjectDox


More details will be provided as we get closer to the implementation date.