90-Day Notice: Opening Protection Enforcement Beginning September 1, 2024

Opening Protection Enforcement Banner

Beginning September 1, 2024, Building Code Enforcement will begin enforcing opening protective requirements for new residential and commercial structures located in windborne debris regions.
Related Codes:

  • Section 1609.2 of the 2021 Houston Building Code
  • Section R301.2.1.2 of the 2021 Houston Residential Code

These sections of the code mandate impact resistance protection for all glazing in structures located in windborne debris regions. This requirement has been in place since the 2015 editions of the International Building and Residential Codes and is not a new change.

For more information on Windborne Debris Regions:

  • Visit the ASCE Online Hazard Tool
  • Refer to the International Building Code and International Residential Code for additional details.