90-Day Notice: New Addressing Requirements for Multiple Structures on a Single Lot Starting September 1, 2024

Addressing Ordinance Enforcement Beginning September 1, 2024 Banner

Beginning September 1, 2024, Building Code Enforcement will enforce new addressing requirements for lots with more than one structure, regardless of their use or occupancy. 


Details of the Ordinance:  

According to Addressing Ordinance No. 2014-364: 

  • If a lot has more than one structure, each structure must have its own address. This applies to all types of structures, such as: 
  • Single-family homes with detached garages 
  • Detached carports 
  • Detached patio covers 
  • Cabanas 
  • Storage units 
  • Etc. 


Utility Independence: 

The requirement for separate addresses is independent of utility services. 

  • If the secondary structure does not have its own utility meter, each structure must still have its own address.  
  • If a separate meter is needed, having a separate address for each structure will simplify the process of obtaining one from the utility company. 


Project Requirements: 

Projects involving alterations or remodels affecting both buildings shall be processed as a master of two, each with a separate address. Inspections for any trade must be completed once the proposed work for both structures is completed. 

This change in enforcement is intended only as a change to internal policy and should have limited impacts to Houston Permitting Center customers. 


In order to better serve you please direct all questions to: 



Updated: 7/3/2024