2012 IRC Section P2603.5 Freezing Enforcement

Winter Storm Uri raised many concerns from the community and businesses that experienced burst pipes that damaged homes and businesses. The City's adopted Building Codes have required that pipes subject to freezing temperatures are protected. P2603.5 has been in effect since the adoption of the 2012 Codes, but has not been part of the review and inspection process to date. 

This announcement serves as notice that on October 1, 2021, the inspection and enforcement of the provisions of P2603.5 will be part of the standard City review and inspection process. This will include inspection for protection on all water, soil, and waste pipes that are subject to freezing temperatures and are located in exterior walls, attics, crawl space, or any other place subject to freezing temperatures as stated in P2603.5. The Houston Permitting Center will now enforce that piping located in these areas is insulated with a minimum R-3 insulation in addition to any other insulation requirements. This is similar to the IECC provisions for hot water piping (R403.5.3).

Last update: June 28, 2021