External Organization Room Rental Agreement


(External Customers)

Please read the agreement carefully


The LDC provides Classrooms, Furnishings, and Equipment. A Liaison will coordinate room, equipment and any special services as denoted on the Schedule Request Form. Food of any kind is not allowed in any of the classrooms or auditorium. A break out room can be assigned for food services at an additional charge.

The LDC does not provide consumables such as: pens, pencils, paper, copies, printing services, or flipcharts. Requestor should arrive at the LDC prepared for their event. The LDC does not arrange catering services.

The requestor will schedule the room in advance (14 day minimum). All cancellations require a minimum 5-day notice; non-cancelled events will be billed cost of room. The requestor will arrive at least 30 minutes in advance to make any re-arrangements of furnishings to suit their unique needs then return room to the original set – up and condition.

The requestor will ensure that attendees do not take breaks in the Lobby/Receptionist area. Events that extend past scheduled time will incur additional fees ($15.00 per half-hour).

The requestor will use equipment responsibly and accept responsibility for all damages incurred during use of room.

PC Labs: Any additional software needed for the event will be installed and uninstalled by the requester or his/her designee. PC Training Manager must ok installation of any software!



External Customers (EC)

Classrooms Auditorium PC Lab Atrium
$500.00 $600.00 $600.00 $400.00



External Customers (EC)

Classrooms Auditorium PC Lab Atrium
$700.00 $900.00 $750.00 $500.00



Note: Failure to comply will result in an assessment of additional fees.

Time overage: $15.00

Make ready/clean-up: $50.00

I/We have read and agree to the rules for the use of the LDC. I/WE agree to have the LDC assess charges to me as a form of recourse for violating the terms of this agreement.

Reservations are not confirmed until approved by the LDC!