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Daily Inspection

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Daily Numbers

Total Plans in System for Review
Commercial Plans
Oldest Plan (in business days)
Residential Plans
Oldest Plan (in business days)

Note: The preceding numbers include: New Construction, Remodels/Repairs and Revisions
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Commercial Plan Review

Number of Commercial Projects Created - By Year

YearNew CommercialRemodel CommercialTotal
Dates reflect calendar year(Jan 1 - Dec 31).

Residential Plan Review

Number of Residential Projects Created - By Year

YearNew ResidentialRemodel ResidentialTotal
Dates reflect calendar year(Jan 1 - Dec 31).

Updates daily

Plan Review Diagram

Note: Hovering mouse over graph will display the following:
  • RQ    - number of plans in queue
  • Days - oldest plans in department (in business days)

    Business Units
    Building Code Enforcement Office of City Engineer Houston Water Fire Marshal City Planning Department Parks & Recreation Department Health Department
    Electrical Flood Management Infrastructure Alarms Planning Urban Forestry Food
    BCE - Engineer Storm Drainage Utility Analysis Hazmat - High Pile     Swimming Pools
    Mechanical Traffic   LP Gas      
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a project number and why do I need one to submit building plans?

    A project number is an 8-digit number generated by the permitting system to track plan submissions, permits, and inspections at a situs (the address to which a property belongs for taxation or jurisdiction purposes).

    How are building plans submitted to the Houston Permitting Center?

    Building plans may be submitted online through the electronic plan review system or in person at the Houston Permitting Center via paper. Please visit www.hpceservices.org for more information.

    How are building plans categorized?

    Building plans are categorized as either residential or commercial construction. Residential buildings are defined as single-family or two-family structures, including homes, townhomes, and duplexes. All other structures are considered commercial buildings, such as high-rises, schools, retail spaces, warehouses, and apartments.

    Furthermore, building plans are categorized as either "New Construction" (i.e. construction from the ground up) or "Remodel" (i.e. construction on an existing structure).

    How are building plans reviewed?

    At intake, City staff identifies which business units will be required to review the submitted plans based on the type of construction. Plans may be assigned to:

    Paper plans are sequentially routed to each assigned business unit. With electronically submitted plans, each assigned business unit has concurrent access to the plans.

    What is a review cycle?

    A review cycle is one complete plan review by all assigned business units. Plans may be approved or rejected by each assigned business unit. If plans have one or more rejections, they will need to be corrected and resubmitted for another review cycle.   


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