Customer Assistance & Code Development (CACD) Section

Michael G. Howard, Code Administrator

Mission Statement 

Serving and educating the public and staff by providing personalized assistance, troubleshooting ombudsman, public outreach and internal liaisons with informational handouts and seminars.

About CACD

The Customer Assistance & Code Development Office (CACD) was established with two primary functions, (1) serving as an ombudsman for customers in the permit process, providing personalized assistance, and (2) code development and legislative analysis.

This office is also responsible for the Public Outreach and Education through providing code and permitting seminars, creating handouts and guidelines and maintaining the Office of Building and Safety website content.

Main Functions of the Code Development Office 

Codes & Code Amendments - Coordinate, draft and recommend code amendments.

Code Interpretations - Create Code Words for formal interpretations and provide written interpretation of the Houston codes.

Alternate Methods - Review and approve requests for alternate methods of construction, review Reduced Occupant Load requests, review Temporary Building Placement requests.

E-newsletters & Public Notices - Distribute E-Newsletters and/or notices to inform the general public and staff of any code changes, updates and training seminars.

Houston Chapter of the International Code Council 

The Customer Assistance and Code Development group is coordinating the organization of a Houston-based chapter of the International Code Council.  The focus of this chapter will be to create an association of professionals that are involved in code enforcement, and to provide opportunities for training and sharing ideas.  For further information, please email Catherine Witting at [email protected].

Meeting agendas:

Meeting minutes:

Training Seminars - Hosts public seminars as needed to give the public and staff an overview of the code changes, code updates or frequently asked code questions.

 Current Code Amendments

The 2012 Construction Code Package became effective on February 1, 2016. The Houston Amendments to the current adopted codes are listed below. The amendments, along with the model codes, constitute the City of Houston Codes. Note: The City of Houston does not have the model codes available; they can be purchased through the respective publisher.

For questions, please email [email protected].

2012 IBC Houston Amendments-Print 2 09/01/2018
2012 IBC Houston Amendments 02/01/2016
2012 IRC Houston Amendments 02/01/2016
The 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) became mandatory by state law effective September 15, 2017. The Houston Administrative provisions to the NEC are currently awaiting review by City Council.                              
2012 UMC Houston Amendments 02/01/2016
2012 UPC Houston Amendments 02/01/2016
2012 IFC Houston Amendments 02/01/2016
LSB Standards
NOTE: The LSB Standards are currently being reviewed for update to the 2012 Houston Adopted Construction Code.
Draft 2018 LSB Standards
NOTE: Updates are to become effective on October 18, 2018.
Residential Energy  
Note: The enforcement of Chapter 11 of the 2015 International Residential Code became mandatory by state law effective September 1, 2016.  
2015 IECC Amendments (Residential Provisions)  10/24/2016
Commercial Energy  
Note: The 2015 IECC-Commercial Provisions became effective November 1, 2016 per state law.  
2015 IECC Amendments (Commercial Provisions) 12/09/2016
ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Amendments 12/09/2016

Other Code Related Documents 

Code Adoption History for Houston Codes 

List of Adopted Codes - A table of the adopted codes including the names and phone numbers of their publishers

Past Code Amendments – Only the code amendments from previous code cycle are available.

Code Change Proposal Form - This form should be completed when submitting a proposed code change during an established comment period. Below are two examples of how the form should be completed:

Residential Energy Code Documents

  • Energy Compliance Information Certificate - At the request of several of the builders in the Houston Area, we have created an Energy Compliance Sticker to be Printed and permanently attached inside the electrical panel as per Section 401.3 of the Houston Energy Code. This sticker can be printed on Avery® Labels 6876. Note: If preferred, a builder can use their own compliance sticker.

Commercial Energy Code Documents

Commissioning in Plans Guideline

Electrical Code Documents

Examples for Concrete-Encased Grounding Electrode


Code Interpretations

2012 Code Word - A set of interpretations, written policies, and procedures to aid in the application of construction codes.



Alternate Method Requests

The Building Official has authority under the code to make interpretations, approve alternate methods requests, and to allow modifications of the building code based on practical difficulties. The Building Official cannot grant waivers to or variances from the code. All requests must be in writing.

For more information, please click here to access the Alternate Method Guideline.



Code E-Newsletter - Sign up to receive code updates via e-mail. Providing you the latest information and resources available to the construction industry.

Permit E-Report - Sign up to receive a list of permits that were sold the previous work week. For questions about the Permit E-Report, please click here.



Training Seminars

The CACD Section has hosted several seminars for the public since its creation in 2006, including the following:

Additionally, CACD assist in the organization and planning of the Houston Building Professional Institute held yearly by the Construction Research Center.



Code Training from Other Organizations 

The following organizations offer code related training. These organizations are not affiliated with the City of Houston. If you are interested in more information regarding training offered through these organizations, please contact the organization directly. 

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials 

International Code Council  


Contact Information

Main Line:   832-394-9494 

Fax:           832-395-9614 

Email:        [email protected]


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